Reinforced Spey Leaders

Great For Skagit lines.

Reinforced Spey Leaders, these leaders have all the great advantages of our standard spey leaders, great stick, amazing ability to turn lover extremely long tippets, tippet protection, etc, plus an amazing breaking strength. These leaders are durable and will last.  Your tippet will break well before this leader does. 

These Leaders currently come in Moss green.  Leader color is not all that importainat when you can throw 5'-8' length of tippet and be tight-line fishing immediately.

Tippet Ends: 

Shorb Loop. The shorb loop is the most durable.

Tippet Ring.  If unfamilier with how to tie a perfection loop in your tippet, you can go with the tippet ring.  If your knots hold your fly one, the same knot will hold your tippet to the ring.

Swivel. If throwing large profile streamers that often cause line twist, choose the swivel end. 

Reinforced Spey Leaders
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